Major lines of activity

Company’s possibilities

Personnel of PrJSC "SIC #24" has a long experience and a high level of skills as to the construction of pipelines of various destination, including gas pipelines of high and low pressure, oil pipelines, water pipelines, as well as land objects and special structures.

Objects Construction and reconstruction:

  • Oil and gas transportation;
  • Development of oil and gas fields;
  • Objects of combined oil-and-gas preparation;
  • Oil-and-gas refineries and industrial works;
  • Production of nonstandard equipment.

Daughter companies specializes on:

  • heat shrinkable materials for pipelines anticorrosion protection
  • supplying of pipes, valves and other steel-units for gas- and oil-transport system
  • supplying and maintenance of automatic safety systems and safety valves for gas- distribution networks
  • renovation of pipelines by setting polymer flexible inside to German-technology Primus-Line.